About Us...

BookGrabbr is a spoke in the wheel of marketing that simply hasn’t been done before.

Our platform is built around the most important question of all- “What is the most powerful way to encourage a reader to read a book?”

Answer- “The recommendation of a friend”.

BookGrabbr bottles that concept up and facilitates it in a digital way by creating a platform for authors and publishers to share extended previews of their books through social media. You may be asking yourself, “How is that any different from any other site where an author can share their book to their social following?”.

The answer is simple- BookGrabbr is built to facilitate readers reading in exchange for sharing.

So when you share your book and one of your followers clicks to “Grabb” the content you’ve shared, our system requires them to first share the content prior to reading! When those people’s friends see their post inviting them to read and they click the link they will be prompted to do the same thing all the way up the social media ladder. This creates a viral marketing opportunity. With just a few readers thousands of people will be exposed to an author’s book!

Authors have the ability to track real time analytics on how many people are reading their content, how many social media news feeds their book is showing up on, how many of those readers have clicked to purchase the book, and what countries their readers are coming from! Those are just a few of the analytics…We will let you sign up to see the rest.

As far as the founders are concerned…we don’t matter. What matters?

Publishers and authors having a tool to market their books that is unique and economical with real trackable results. BookGrabbr facilitates that.