Graeme Aitken

Graeme Aitken is the author of three novels: '50 Ways of Saying Fabulous' (1995), 'Vanity Fierce' (1998), and its sequel 'The Indignities' (2010). He also edited 'The Penguin Book of Gay Australian Writing' (2002). His most recent work is an ebook short 'Top Mark' (2012). '50 Ways of Saying Fabulous' was adapted into a feature film by writer/director Stewart Main in New Zealand and had its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005. Graeme was born and raised on a remote farm in Central Otago, New Zealand. This upbringing provided the background for his first novel '50 Ways'. Graeme has now lived in Sydney, Australia for almost thirty years. For much of that time, he has worked as the manager/buyer of a small specialist bookshop. This position has complemented his work as a writer. He has also reviewed books for several Australian gay newspapers and magazines over the years. Graeme has served as DNA Magazine's chief book critic for more than fifteen years now, since their first issue. You can contact Graeme via his website, sign up for his newsletter, or keep up-to-date on his activities via social media.

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