Alberto Mercado

“Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Alberto moved to Massachusetts in the spring of 1985 and began his journey as a writer and freelance photographer. Alberto has written nine books, two which are the Spanish version of ‘From Ashes to Dreams; My Life, My Story’ and ‘A Rose for Essie Mei.’ The author is also working with producer and friend, Mark Lund, on the screenplay of his 2014 novel, Winds of Fall. “This is particularly exciting for me and together, we are hoping to start filming the movie in late spring / early summer of 2016. When he’s not working at his full time job, doing photography, or writing a new novel, he can be found spending his summer weekends in the mountains of New Hampshire, where he enjoys kayaking, hiking and camping with his close circle of friends. “There’s no better medicine for the soul than a weekend at the mountains,” he said.

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