Jo Maeder

Scribe, foodie, and former radio DJ who still likes to blast music and dance. I was once a wig-wearing, mini-skirted DJ known as "The Rock and Roll Madame" when my show followed Howard Stern's. My last on-air gig was on the amazing Z100 in NYC. I moved to the South to care for my estranged mother and my life forever changed. My memoir WHEN I MARRIED MY MOTHER is about that. The forthcoming novel NAKED DJ takes you inside the secret sorority of female DJs. OPPOSITES ATTACK: A Novel with Recipes Provencal is a delicious and daring adventure set in the South of France. You may want to jump on a plane and head to France the moment you finish it. Do keep in touch. I also ran the doll adoption service, MAMA JO'S HOUSE OF DOLLS, on the internet and found homes for my late mother's dolls. They're now across the globe from Russia to New Zealand. Check out the Facebook and Pinterest pages Mama Jo's House of Dolls. The New York Times ran an essay I wrote about this bittersweet adventure called "The 700-Doll Question," and YouTube has Jacob Rosdail's short film titled "The Doll Dilemma." You decide if I'm crazy.

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