C. Warren Gruenig

Former CEO of Posh Presents, Inc, dba Posh Impressions, a leading provider of designs and ideas that went into products made by multiple manufacturers in the areas of crafts, gifts and stationery. The president of the company, Dee Gruenig, was the provider of ideas, designs and energy that made the company successful over her thirty year career. Promotion was done through multiple books, one of them coming close to a half million copies, multiple instructional videos and countless instructional television appearances. All of this was done in a unique way, through listening for divine direction, trust, enthusiasm, gratitude before seeing results and passion to get the job done. The intent of the book is to inspire others to do the same through acceptance that, like the title of the book, Invitations Everywhere, invitations and opportunities are indeed everywhere. We need to open our eyes with joy and expectation.

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