C. Warren Gruenig

I was CEO of Posh Presents.Inc, dba Posh Impressions from 1994-2009 because the company needed more people to handle the burgeoning business. I authored the book, Invitations Everywhere, telling the amazing story of my wife's metamorphosis from public school teacher to successful retailer, provider of ideas and designs for multiple products, author and television personality. As President of Posh, from 1979 - 2009 she accepted invitations that seemed to be everywhere. They came from people and organizations she previously did not know. She accepted them after prayerful listening, that can be done in any faith, for what to do in order to bless others by sharing what she loved. As the invitations continually arrived she said yes with a passion to become a leader in the craft, gift and stationery industries. This inspirational and joyful procedure, represented by Dee Gruenig's achievements, can be employed by anyone. Invitations Everywhere was a joy to write and is intended to be a joy to read.

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