nejla nasiri

Nejla Nassiri, born in Tehran and raised in the Middle East, studied applied mathematics, worked as a journalist in the Middle East, continued her career in the financial market, became a successful director of a financial company, and then realised that she has many stories to share with others. Nejla experienced different environments and lived in Iran during the eight-year Iran-Iraq War. She knows the sounds of explosion and the smell of fresh blood, and she suffered as did millions of other people during the war. She knows the value of life. Nejla lived and experienced the many lifestyles and cultures; she is writing to tell the untold stories based on her experiences. The characters in her stories are not victims—they are fighters with great hope, not fighting to win but fighting to live. Nejla’s stories are about hope, the value of peace, and celebrating life not as it is but as it should be.

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