Joy Xiaomin Su

Joy Xiaomin Su, PhD, is currently a computer programmer living in Florida. She has been searching her whole life for the way of how to have a happy life because she used to be physically very sick, felt tired all the time, and mentally so depressed that she almost committed suicide. The distress motivated her to persistently seek the true meaning of life. She has tried Taoism, Buddhism, Qigong, Christianity, and meditation. After a total of about twenty-five years of spiritual practice, she eventually became a totally different person and is liberated from the negative influences of life. She became happy, both physically and mentally healthy, and now she loves and enjoys every event in her life. This book shares her understanding of life, and some of the thoughts came to her during meditation. It explains the nature of life, the different levels of liberation, why people suffer, and how to create a happy life. It is intended to be a tool to help her readers achieve enlightenment and have a happy life.

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