Brian M.

Born in Philadelphia, I?m a writer with a creative mind and have deep interests in folklore and mythology. ?Defenders? has these elements woven into its story and characters. I write articles and reviews for the web site ?J1 Studios?, a Philadelphia based Indie Company that reviews games, comics, novels and other forms of entertainment. I started writing ?Defenders? almost ten years ago. The idea came to me while I was still in high school but it?ll be a few years after I graduated that I would finally decide to follow through with it. The story is set in Philadelphia for the first part. I thought it would be cool to give my hometown a hero since other heroes are based in thriving metropolitan cities. Even though the story will take place in other parts of the world, the story will return to Philadelphia along with the character Guardian. ?Defenders? is a fun a story that is enjoyable to write and as long as I have ideas, I?ll keep writing.

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