Ginger Grancagnolo, EdD, DMin

Ginger Grancagnolo, Ed.D., D.Min. is a dynamic lecturer, author, and private counselor. Forty years experience in the fields of education, psychology, and theology has directed her toward a sound practical approach in helping others towards healing and self-awareness. Even her own personal victory over dyslexia has provided her with a wealth of grassroots knowledge in creating constructive strategies that unlock the human and divine power that awaits within all of us! Dr. Ginger has lectured throughout the country and has been numerous talk shows as well. Dr. Ginger has created many cd workshops and is author of How to Find Your JOY in a Crazy, Upside-Down World; Insights, Secrets, and Private Prayers; Who Would I Be If I Weren’t So Afraid?; The Father Principle; The Mother Principle; Poems as Prayers; and Direct Your SELF. The driving focus in all of Ginger’s work is to release the fear that blocks and halts our true ability to succeed! She uses easy and simple tools that have served thousands of her students and clients to break free from these painful traps and finally become who they were intended to be. Dr. Ginger’s approach is intense, yet fun and lighthearted. “We were meant to be happy, so let’s get to it!” proclaims Ginger. The core of Dr. Ginger is best stated in her own words, “God gave us power, big power! We need to use it! Then every day deeds will make miracles!”

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