Clara Hillman

Clara Hillman was born to sharecroppers in Summerville, South Carolina. They had eighteen children, but four of them passed away. As a small child, she spent many grueling years in those large cotton & tobacco fields on their farm. She also failed the first year in the First Grade. However, those bad experiences fueled her passion to become a great writer. Along her journey, she wrote and published three outstanding newsletters. She wrote and mailed out over 1400 newsletters to nonprofit organizations, City offices, neighborhood associations and Community Development Corporations (CDCs) She also produced, edited and distributed a newsletter for another small community outreach center. She shared her expertise and produced a newsletter for a Baptist church district. Clara is an Evangelist and ex-pastor’s wife. She has six talented children. And, out of eighteen siblings born to the same parents, her ninety-four-year-old mother is still alive and has fourteen successful children. Almost five years ago while she lived in Kentucky, she heard a clear and precise voice from God. It told her to leave that place because HE had a great assignment for her. She moved with haste, and went to South Carolina to take care her mother who suffers with Alzheimer’s Disease. You can reach her at 803-464-4476, and her email is:

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