G.L. Gooding

American novelist G. L. Gooding is the author of Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls, the literary sequel to one of the world’s favorite Christmas films, It’s a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore. By the time Gooding began writing Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls, he had watched Frank Capra’s movie masterpiece more than seventy times across several decades. With a deep respect for the film and a genuine love for its legendary characters, Gooding endeavored to maintain the integrity of the finely crafted layers within the story told on the big screen. In his research, he discovered several story threads that begged for conclusions. In resolving each, the lessons learned as a successful career as a human resources consultant inspired him to delve well below the surface of the story. Gooding’s historic mystery novel picks up a few days after the movie ends and gently explores the aftermath of a mean-spirited crime, the psychology behind personal and professional motivation, and the powerful conflicts between good and evil. Met with glowing industry reviews, Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls, is a loving and sensitive tribute to the wonderful people of Bedford Falls and to the larger-than-life Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. G.L. Gooding and wife, Sarah, live in Santa Rosa, California. Gooding is at work on his next novel, a mystery.

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