Darin Graves

For many years I suffered with agony through my life. My daughter has autism. She will have a full life, but she’ll never know some of the pleasures that normal people experience. I can hardly wait to see her in heaven. I believe God knows all. Man sins by indulging in unorthodox pleasures. There is no hiding from God. In the novel the character Jim realizes this as well. He moves from Fargo, North Dakota, to Minneapolis, and falls in love with Allicia. She has a bad past that ultimately claims her life, and his revenge on her killer becomes his ultimate sin. Will he go to heaven? I have also had a near-death experience. A certain injury almost cost me my life. Finally, I used to believe in evolution. Does it really reveal all? Our earth is in space and time, which never ends. When we die, we go beyond matter. Our souls will join space and time—forever. That is truly my belief.

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