Denise Spearman

My name is Denise Onita Spearman, who is a child of the most high God, first and foremost. I am a retired 49 yrs. young non-active Registered Nurse. I am a proud single mother of two young adult daughters, because their father has recently deceased. I am also an earthly fatherless child. However, when my father and my mother forsake me, the LORD will take me up-Psalm 27:10 King James Version. I am a born-again Christian Baptist Believer. I am also a proud member of the New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral Of Faith International in Miami, FL. where the senior Pastor is Bishop Victor Tyrone Curry. I love my immediate and Church families, because they are really the ones who are responsible for cultivating the woman that I have become and still becoming. I want to give thanks to everyone who was and is responsible for the writing of this manuscript, especially The Trinity and my Pastor Curry. The world is truly a better place, due to Pastors and their strong leadership. I also want to personally thank my mother, who has always been one of my biggest supporters and admirers. So, without further a due, God Bless You All, and thanks again.

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