Susie Albert Miller

Susie Albert Miller, MA, MDiv is The Better Relationship Coachâ„¢. As a therapist and coach, Susie's passion is to help people keep from settling for mediocre relationships with those they love and through the process, help them learn to love God and even themselves, better. Susie equips people to reduce stress, communicate effectively, and grow deeper in their faith by creating better relationships through tried and true methods for long lasting results. Susie writes and speaks with authenticity and humor about the challenges of life and the struggles of faith in the midst of her own loss, disappointment, depression, abuse recovery, marriage issues and her favorite topic relationships! Susie believes that messy can be good, as most of us learn more through making mistakes and needing second chances rather than taking the safe and tidy way. She believes grace is essential, because we are all a work in progress... and grace makes us kinder to ourselves and others. Although Susie holds a Masters in Counseling and a Masters of Divinity, she credits the "school of life" for her greatest learning. Susie's personal life has often read like a Shakespearen tragedy but she's known for her outlook on life as a "possibilitarian"! As a sought after retreat and event speaker, Susie weaves stories, humor and hope in her messages. She has been described as "dynamic, creative, engaging and motivating ~ an electrical storm & infusion of energy." Over the years, Susie has helped countless men, women, and couples improve communication, increase intimacy, and create meaningful and enjoyable relationships. Susie is particularly passionate about equipping women to grow deeper in their faith, increase their self-confidence, and live in freedom. Susie is married to her best friend, John, a serial entrepreneur. They both say their 3 adult children bring them joy, laughter, and lots of love - and also credit them for more than a few wrinkles! She loves dark chocolate, fun shoes, good books,and lingering conversations.

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