LeeAnn Taylor

LeeAnn Taylor is the mother of five children. Three of them were born with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder causing profound intellectual impairment and the leading known cause of autism. Her courage and resilience as a mother, and her amazing journey beyond the veil, serve as the luminous foundation for her sacred work. As an award-winning independent filmmaker, spiritual writer, and personal mentor, LeeAnn teaches the eternal nature of humankind and the indomitable power of the soul. Her story and teachings have been featured in magazine articles, online radio shows, women's networks, and international luminary forums where she invites her fellowmen to reclaim their divine heritage and become waking angels. She is a champion for hope and for the advancement of light. She also writes poetry, Celtic music, and is a devoted student of the Divine. Her writings, wisdom, and works can be found at www.leeanntaylorstory.com

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