Dr. Leslie Seppinni

Dr. Leslie Seppinni Author of ‘Who is Casey Anthony? Understanding the Motherly Motivation to Murder’, Dr. Leslie is a psychological expert on suicide and homicide and serves as a regular contributor to the CNN/HLN Nancy Grace Show. Additionally, she is an expert contributor to a number of other nationally televised programs on topics from celebrity, weight loss, relationships and current events (ABC News, Good Morning America, Dr. Drew, CBS Evening News, CNBC, CNN, E!, FOX News, Inside Edition, and The Insider), as well as popular listening broadcast shows, (Al Sharpton, Dresser After Dark, Martha Stewart Living, KNX 10.70 News Radio, Lars Larson, Parenting Network), and print publications (New York Times, Associated Press, Forbes, Business Week.com, USA Weekend, New York Daily News, Washington Post, Newsweek, Parenting, Self, More, First, In Touch, Lifestyle and Women’s Health).

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