R.J. Huneke

At age nineteen, R.J. Huneke traveled across the country from New York to California in a dilapidated van with no brakes or heat . . . in the winter. And it was there that he began to write his first novel. He now lives just outside of his birthplace in Long Island, New York and graduated cum laude from Stony Brook University, with a BA for English with honors. R.J. continues to master his craft in the fiction, photography, film, comic, non-fiction and poetic art forms. A former columnist for Newsday, R.J. continues to write about technology, books and popular culture. R.J.'s publications to date, both online and in print, include Newsday, Dead Ink Books, Gadizmo, SciFiNow, Fantasy-Matters, Examiner, New York Wine Events, and more. His current projects include creating work for columns, graphic novels, film, poetry, and a new science fiction novel in the Cyberwar Series. You can see more of his biography and his works on the author's official web site RJHuneke.com.

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