No One Said It Would Be Easy

A Husband's Journey Through His Wife's Battle with Breast Cancer

Ken Churilla

Dunham Books (publisher)

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NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY: A Husband's Journey Through His Wife's Battle With Breast Cancer is the gripping story of a man who lost his wife to breast cancer. Told through his eyes, the reader sees everything both medical and personal, the way he experienced it and how he reacted to the various experiences and situations at home, at work, in his mind, and in his private time. It recounts the heart-wrenching journey through his wife's fight for survival in this well-written and brutally honest chronicle that stands as a companion guide for all men caught in this war of all wars. The Do's, Don'ts, and I Don't Know's are all captured here in a vulnerable tale that offers to shine a light in such inevitable darkness. NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY takes the reader through all of one man's thoughts, reactions and emotions through it all: her initial diagnosis, treatment, the declaration of her being cancer free, her relapse, treatment, decline, death, burying her and then moving on in all facets of his life as a man and a father. It tackles everything from the medical procedures to the shift of balance in the household going from equal partners to provider and caregiver. It also tackles the details of his personal life that only a man going through this will know: things such as the intimacy (both sexual and romantic) between him and his wife, how he dealt with his feelings of anger / loneliness / faith, raising a son and two young daughters (after all, what man knows about bras, make-up, hairstyles and boys), to moving on after she passed. It also goes beyond the burial from rearranging the house, when and what he did with her things, dealing with his grief and ultimately developing new relationships; all the while executing the same tasks for as a father for his grieving children. Designed to be a helpful tool for men going through this journey or who have already experienced this life changing event not as a 'self-help' book, but in much the same way that athletes watch game tape. The disease is the common opponent shared by the reader and will attack the reader in many of the same ways and in some other ways differently. NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY allows the reader to see inside the mind and life of a man who literally walked in their shoes, how he reacted to various situations and either compare their actions or prepare them for some of what might be coming.

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