Relationship Momentum

The Secret to Making Ideas Move

Brian Church

Dunham Books (publisher)

This book is about the search to understand the art and science of why some ideas progress and some dissipate. Why some people advance in their careers with sustained movement while others seem to be swimming upstream. Why some deals reach the event and some fade off into the distance. The search was to find a cause and effect answer that would provide us with the ever fleeting, secret of success. What I stumbled upon was a formula, an equation rather, that clearly provided a path for ideas and ideals to move. I have discovered that the answer has little to do with natural ability but is more encompassed by a few key components executed with diligence and a measure of urgency. I want the reader to understand that achieving their personal and professional objectives is not based solely on personality types, the business environment, or even unique giftings. On the contrary, the eventual success or failure of their initiatives will hinge primarily upon their ability to create and manage this one concept. My findings? The secret to making your ideas move and the key element behind all product, project or purpose growth is what I call Relationship Momentum.

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