The Piano Keys

Brian Bossetta

When Stephanie called Dean to tell him that Percy had been killed in Iraq, it was the first time he had heard from her since she had told him to “go to hell” the night of their senior prom nearly three years earlier. He certainly never expected to hear from her again – at least not with the news that Percy was dead. Dead at 20, killed in Fallujah, Iraq by a sniper’s bullet just a few weeks before Christmas.

Now, it is September 2011, only a few days before the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, and Dean hears from Stephanie again. He knows this has something to do with Percy.

You see, Stephanie was in love with Percy – and Dean was in love with her. They were in the same class at Lakeside Christian Academy, an all white high school in Northlake, Louisiana, a small suburb of New Orleans.

Well, all white high, except for Percy.

“The Piano Keys” is the story of a young man trying to come to grips with his racist past and the hatred that prevented true love from taking flight; but, mostly, it is about his quest for redemption and his search for forgiveness from those whose lives he helped destroy, including his own.

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