Dreams of Beautiful Whisper

Tanya Jones

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Within the majestic forests of British Columbia, Canada, 15 year old Amanda learns that there is an Elven village hidden by magic. She also learns that with less than 4 months until her 16th birthday the transformation she must go through could kill her. All she really wants is for everything to go back to normal, where her dreams are really just dreams and her boyfriend Jordan is the centre of her life. But once her subconscious releases her memories how can she not embrace herself as Amanae and how can she turn her back on Caelsah? Not to mention her missing sister and an entire kingdom who have been waiting centuries for the coming of age of the twins...

Debut author Tanya Jones delivers equal parts fantasy, realism and romance, in this captivating novel set in current times within a magical village, hidden right under our noses.



I recall the first dream I can remember having that actually disturbed me. I had just finished reading one of my mom’s novels and my subconscious was full of all sorts of magical places and creatures.

I loved escaping in her books, they added an excitement to my life that just didn’t exist. Everything in my life has always been, well, boring. Sigh. I almost miss those days.

Mom’s books are all connected and they tell a tale of good and evil, deep loves and incredible powers. The last book I had read was about an ancient war that had transpired between two clans of elves.

Most people assume that all elves are peaceful people, which in many ways is a fair assumption. However, it’s also no different than stereotyping certain genders or ethnic groups of humans. Sure there may be prominent, more common traits as a whole, but there are always exceptions to stereotypes. In my mom’s books, it was very clear that elves are no different – they too have exceptions to the norm.

But I digress, back to my dream. At the time I had assumed it was simply my imagination running wild from the book I had just finished. I know differently now, though I wish I didn’t. I’ve been told that my dreams are a form of precognition, but that they are not necessarily carved in stone. So while I may experience a flash of what is to come, it is possible to alter the final outcome.

I haven’t told anyone about this particular dream yet; part of me is scared to. As though talking about it will make it more real than it already is. I know I’ll have to eventually, but there is still so much that I don’t understand and if I hope to prevent the future foretold in my dream, then I need to understand… everything… from the beginning.

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