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Atkins, Biggest Loser, DASH, Jenny Craig, Mediterranean, Slim-Fast, South Beach, Vegan, Volumetrics, Weight Watchers (Kindle Edition)

Paul Oliver Johnson

AXO (publisher)

“I’m hungry, what should I eat?!” – If you want to lose weight, this is THE question you are faced with several times a day. And surprisingly: even if you follow a weight loss plan, the answer might be tasty. However, it all depends on your choice in the beginning: What’s the right diet plan for you and your body?

This amazing guide helps you decide which way to go to shed some pounds. Atkins Diet? Biggest Loser? DASH Diet? Jenny Craig Diet? What about the Mediterranean Diet? Slim-fast Diet, South Beach Diet or Vegan Diet? What about Volumetrics and Weight Watchers? - It’s all in this awesome diet comparison ebook!

Learn the characteristics of each weight loss plan, understand advantages and disadvantages. Make your choice. Then follow your favorite concept. It’s easier to stick to the rules YOU have chosen. So enjoy doing it. And you will definitely see exciting results!

You will learn about:

• How it works – what are the basic nutrition principles of each diet program?
• What should I know about the different ‘phases’ of the most popular diet plans?
• What can I eat according to the different plans? What is my ideal calorie count?
• How healthy are the different popular weight loss plans?
• What about coffee, tea and alcohol according to the different diet plans? What about eating out?
• What can I expect from these low-carb meals, protein shakes, nutrition bars and special meal replacements?
• And finally: How pricey is each option?

Which diet & weight loss plans are discussed (from A-Z)?

01. Atkins Diet
02. Biggest Loser Diet
03. DASH Diet
04. Jenny Craig Diet
05. Mediterranean Diet
06. Slim-Fast Diet
07. South Beach Diet
08. Vegan Diet
09. Volumetrics Diet
10. Weight Watchers

What will you find moreover?

• 1 day sample nutrition plans for different popular weight loss plans: what can you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner – and what about snacks in between?
• Scorecards / ratings regarding “overall effectiveness”, “convenience”, “nutritional value” and “health safety”
• Pros and cons of different diet concepts, recommended length of each diet program
• Diet comparison tables giving a quick overview about important aspects for dietarians
• Links to more than 20 external resources like related Youtube videos, the most important official websites and Youtube Channels of popular diet programs
• Plus: The book includes more than 20 relevant statistics regarding weight control, dieting, functional food, consumption of carbohydrates, protein, liquid and powdered nutritional supplements.

Why is this ebook helpful for you?

• You will find out, which weight loss plan is right for you.
• Become aware of the risk of nutritional deficiencies – even with dietary approaches that seem healthy.
• The overall advice found in this ebook helps you
o lose weight, avoiding obesity,
o preventing diabetes and heart diseases,
o keeping your “bad” LDL cholesterol and blood pressure (hypertension) under control,
o increasing your overall well being.
• Learn how to get rid of bad carbs and unhealthy fats, and how to replace them with good carbs.
• Understand why many concepts focus on low-fat dairy, lean proteins, fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains.
• Discover the advantages and value of dietary fiber, proteins, unsaturated fats, vital nutrients such as calcium, potassium etc.
• Understand the concept of the glycemic index and why low-carb is considered very effective by many dietarians.

Are you the guy preferring prepackaged meals and a rigid diet plan? Are you the girl who could adapt to a vegan lifestyle? Do you like sipping shakes and eating nutrition bars? Or do you prefer cooking healthy stuff yourself?

At the end of this eBook, you will have a good idea about the most popular weight loss plans. Now you can choose one.

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