Full Moon Frenzy

Jack Watts

Dunham Books (publisher)

Full Moon Frenzy is a well-constructed mystery novel set in Atlanta, complete with unforgettable, multi-dimensional characters. The plot is tight; there are no loose ends. The conclusion is so unusual it sets up the four following novels beautifully. Few will read the first without reading the others—Spanish Moon Zephyr, Snow Moon Queen, Crescent Moon Rising, and Blood Moon Judgment. Each story is unique. However, just like life; nothing is what it appears to be. It never is in a Jack Watts novel, making each book a real page-turner. Beginning in a busy emergency room in Atlanta, an unkempt man named Terrance Bruce, complaining of constipation, uses the restroom sink rather than the commode to “do his business,” prompting the charge nurse to send the police to detain him for a psychological evaluation. Delusional, Terrance firmly believes he has been targeted for assassination because of "what he knows" about the President and the Illuminati. When the police show up at his apartment, Terrance is prepared. Slipping out through the back door, he narrowly avoids being captured. As he makes his escape on foot, passing over a bridge, he is nearly run down by a speeding, white SUV. A woman, Joy Fortune, who is also on the bridge, narrowly misses being hit as well. To avoid the SUV, Terrance jumps over the bridge, hitting his head against a rock. The woman, however, uses a tree branch to pull herself out of harm’s way. Joy Fortune runs away, but Terrance can’t. Finally, when he is discovered and taken to the ER, Marla-Dean Bennington, M.D., tries unsuccessfully to save Terrance, but his fall proves to be fatal. What appears to be an unexplained accident to everybody other than Joy, isn't—not even close. A small boy, watching from his bedroom window, is the only other witness. The real target, Joy, is hiding from her past, which has just caught up with her. Consequently, she leaves town but is pregnant with a child fathered by one of two lovers—both key figures in this unfolding mystery. You will not believe what happens next!

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