Praying Today's Psalms - Worshiping God from a Thankful Heart

Michael Wolff

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (publisher)

So, how's your prayer life?

Many with good intentions end up lost in a twilight zone of conflicting thoughts and emotions when they sit down to pray. Author Mike Wolff was like that: unfulfilled and aimless. He called it "mindusconstantwanderitis. Our hearts yearn for an intimate relationship connection with God, yet it seems we can't connect, and He is inattentive and even absent when we pray.

Romans eight sheds light on both the problem and the solution. It tells us we don't know how to pray [so the pressure's off!] and instructs us to pray with the Spirit if we want to pray according to God's will. How do we do that? His Word is according to His will, so we pray His Word!!

Praying Today's Psalms replaces Old Testament concepts with their New Testament counterparts, to transform words we cannot pray in to ones that restore focus, heart, integrity, and Spirit to our prayers. If your prayer life needs help, go where many have gone for thousands of years to find help: the prayers of the psalmists.

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