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Squeezing Good Out of Bad

10 Ways to Squeeze Good Out of Those Lemon of a Life, Lip Puckering, Time Sucking Situations

James N. Watkins

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (publisher)

Squeezing Good Out of Bad: Top ten ways to not only survive but thrive with a lemon-fresh attitude as you face those lemon juice in the eye, life-puckering problems. The author has had his share of sour fruit (cancer, unemployment, depression, chronic nose hair) but provides a humorous look at the problems of life. Learn how to find hope and humor amidst horrific circumstances.

When life gives you lemons . . .
* Don’t confuse lemons with hand grenades - identify the problem
* Check the delivery slip 21 - determine if it’s your problem
* Sell them on eBay - profit from the problem
* Paint smiley faces on your lemons - laugh at the problem
* Join a citrus support group - share your problem
* Use as an all-natural, organic astringent - grow from the problem
* Don’t shoot the delivery driver - forgive the problem-maker
* Call in the Master Gardener - take the problem to a higher level
* Grow your own orchard - live a fruitful life despite—or because of—the problem
* Give off a refreshing fragrance - live a lemon-fresh life

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