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Grits & Grace & God

Manna From Heaven Served Up Southern Style

Martin W. Wiles

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (publisher)

If … fried chicken makes you think of church, breakfast starts with grits and ends with biscuits, and your favorite beverage is sweet iced tea, then Grits & Grace & God is your kind of book.

If … you still put peanuts in your Coca-Cola, secretly look forward to funerals so you can eat chocolate pie, deviled eggs and ham, and in grammar school you learned that RC Cola and Moon Pies were part of the food pyramid, Grits & Grace & God is your kind of book.

If … you feel called by God to evangelize the North – even though you’re still not fond of Yankees, wish folks would stop moving to the South but can’t blame for wanting to come, know Jesus is real, God is great, and sometimes life can be down right tough on a body …

… You might enjoy the practical insights and spiritual lessons found in Grits & Grace & God: Manna from Heaven Served Up Southern Style.

In Grits & Grace & God, Martin Wiles offers spiritual truths and shows how God can take our financial challenges, loses and setbacks and dish out blessings from scrapes.

"Wiles devotions meet you where you are and take you into the presence of God" - Lori Hatcher, Editor of Reach Out, Columbia

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