PolitiGuide 2016

A Simple and Neutral Summary of the Most Important Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election

Julian Rudolph
Kyle Hackel

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

PolitiGuide 2016 summarizes the Republican and Democratic parties’ most common viewpoints on each political issue in the 2016 presidential election. This content is presented in an unbiased and “to the point” format so that you can be an informed, articulate, and empowered American voter. Get the big picture, fast with PolitiGuide 2016. Republicans vs. Democrats: Hearing a lot about the Presidential election but want to learn some of the basics? Want to join in political discussions with your friends and family? Tired of all the misleading political articles on social media? Want to learn the main Republican and Democratic arguments on all the major issues? Want to better understand your parties’ viewpoint? The opposing parties’ viewpoint?

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