Nordic Heroes

In the Market/A Wholesale Arrangement

Day Leclaire

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Meet Rainer and Thor Thorsen. Two of Seattle’s finest bachelors. They’re rich. They’re powerful. They’re gorgeous. They’re modern-day Vikings.They know what they want. They take what they will.
And they live by a single motto: There’s only one thing a Thorsen loves more than fighting . . . and that’s winning! Whether it’s winning at business or at love, these Thorsens will fight for what they want.

In the Market: Rainer Thorsen is determined to own Cornucopia. Only one thing stands in his way: Jordan Roberts. She’s equally determined to keep her family’s business. But one look at Rainer’s ruthless, winner-take-all grin and she realizes she’s in for the battle of a lifetime. Should she try and charm the modern-day Viking? Or should she kick him and his lightning bolt earring out the door? Either way she’s in serious trouble because Rainer has made it clear that winner takes all. And he intends to have Cornucopia . . . and her!

A Wholesale Arrangement: Thor Thorsen is as tough as they come and business always comes first. That doesn’t change when his former fiancée, Andrea Constantine needs his help to save the company she inherited. Thor proposes a business arrangement to solve her dilemma — marriage. But Andrea can’t live without love. The only way she’ll agree to Thor’s proposition is if it’s a marriage of convenience . . . unless she can convince him to put love before business.

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