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If your child loves hero stories, there’s no better place to find them than the Bible! In these pages, read about how Noah was obedient to God in a big way. Then read the rest of the stories in the Little Bible Heroes™ series. Each book offers a story of bravery, faithfulness, or kindness—straight from the Bible and perfect for little hero-loving hearts! Collect all 16 Little Bible Heroes™ stories: Creation Noah Miriam Daniel Joshua Rahab Samuel The Little Maid David Esther Joseph The Good Samaritan Christmas Easter Jesus’ Miracles Martha

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Adorable pictures! The story is short and made out of simple words and short sentences, which makes iteasy for

Written by Melody Bis on May 23, 2016

Once again, the Little Bible Heroes series includes beautiful pictures on every page, providing very interesting visual for small children. The story is very summarized and perhaps a little short, but still holds the essential!

Written by Sam Bes on Sep 26, 2015

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