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The Mail-Carrier Cats of Liège

Les Chats Facteurs de Liège

Gretchen Lamont

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As August nears, Monsieur Chevalier, the postmaster of the city of Liège faces a dilemma. August is the month the mail carriers typically go on vacation. And, the replacement carriers, the dogcarts, are unavailable as they are training for a big event. Then Monsieur Chevalier devises a brilliant plan. He’ll get cats to deliver the mail.

An imaginary tale inspired by a true event that took place in 1879 in Liège, Belgium, The Mail-Carrier Cats of Liège tells the story of the city fathers as they attempted to train thirty-seven cats to deliver mail from the central post office to outlying villages. What the cats thought about this, and what they did and didn’t do, is lost in the mists of time. But it is known that the scheme didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

Why is there trouble at the crossroads? Whose left ear turns inside out at a silly moment? Who takes off in a hot air balloon? A humorous story for kids and their parents, The Mail-Carrier Cats of Liège shares the adventures of the plucky wannabe mail-carrier cats of Liège and what happened so very long ago in the historic town on the River Meuse.

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