Hosea: A Novel

Larry Christenson

Whitaker House (publisher)

The background for this historical novel is found in the book of Hosea, in the Bible. It weaves together two stories. The epic story recounts the tumultuous years when Israel is caught between the dwindling power of once mighty Egypt and the brash power of Assyria looming in the East. The personal story of Hosea and Gomer reveals the depth and power of God’s love for Israel, and the depth and power of the marriage bond. God suffers the pain and humiliation of Israel’s unfaithfulness; in obedience to God, Hosea suffers the pain and humiliation of his own wife’s unfaithfulness. But God shows him how the marriage can be saved: through suffering and forgiveness. This is one of the most profound revelations about marriage found anywhere in Scripture. Successful marriage is not a business of perfect people living perfectly by perfect principles. Rather, marriage is a place in which very imperfect people often hurt and humiliate one another, yet find the grace to extend forgiveness to one another, and so allow the redemptive power of God to transform their marriage.

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