The Jews-Heroes Of Eternity

The Pivotal Role That God's Chosen People Have Played Throughout History...And In The Coming End Times

Tommy Lilja

Whitaker House (publisher)

A Profound and Historically Accurate Account of the Past, Present and Prophetic Future of God’s Chosen People, the Jews... Heroes of Eternity. Throughout the epochs of time, there has been a recurring theme that binds together and explains all of world history. That recurring theme is the Jews... God’s chosen people. Declared by God to be a “treasured nation among all peoples,” there has been much confusion and misinformation regarding the Jews, their eternal covenant with God and the essential role that the Jews play in the world events of today. This insightful book provides a factual and revealing look into the history of the Jews and this divine covenant which continues to play a significant role in the Middle East and around the world. The purpose of this book is to help you gain a better understanding of the past, present and future role of God’s chosen people, and to put current and future events into their proper historical and prophetic context. Learn what the Bible really says about God’s chosen people and the divine covenant that is still impacting world history today.• Discover the shocking truth about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and how current events are lining up exactly with end-time Biblical prophecy.• Uncover the surprising role the early Church played in the persecution of Jews, and how Hitler claimed his actions were simply finishing what the Christians had started.• Understand why the Jewish people have always endured persecution, and how the coming end-time persecution will be the most significant.• Why the Jews must return to Israel before end-time prophecy can be fulfilled and the essential role that Christians are now playing in this new movement.

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