Joyce Meyer

A Life of Redemption and Destiny

Young, Richard
Richard Young

Whitaker House (publisher)

Joyce Meyer suffered through many years of extreme sexual and emotional abuse, only to discover a loving God who responded to her prayers, changing her mind, her spirit, and, eventually, the course of her life. You don’t need to suffer any longer from alcoholism, substance abuse, poverty, bad relationships, family dysfunction, sexual harassment, and other life-destroying issues. Through Joyce's personal life and experiences, you will find strength and courage so you can:Stop the endless cycle of painFulfill God’s destiny for your lifeOvercome personal weaknessesExperience genuine forgivenessSee God use you in miraculous waysFind freedom from depression and abuseConquer timidity and helpless dependencyBoth men and women alike will find that God can—and does—use anyone, no matter how bad his or her past circumstances may be, to accomplish truly astonishing and miraculous things. Break free from the bondage of your past!

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