Your Power in the Holy Spirit

Liardon, Roberts
Lake, John G.
John G. Lake

Whitaker House (publisher)

Secrets of God’s Power John G. Lake was anointed by God with power to reach the sick and lost in miraculous ways.  Over 100,000 healings were recorded in five years through his ministry in Spokane, Washington.  You, too, can personally experience the outpouring of Holy Spirit power through your life and…Develop a faith for miraclesBe a more powerful witnessLive above the circumstances of your lifeHave new joy and purposeManifest the gifts of the SpiritExercise authority over evil spiritsTrust God to meet all your needs If your heart’s desire is to see great things happen in your life, God will work mightily in you by the power of His Spirit so that you can personally experience His miracle-working power.  

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