World War One explodes onto New York City...

James Hockenberry

HN Books, LLC (publisher)

"James has created a fast paced and duplicitous portrayal of 1915-1916 life in America. He is an excellent synthesizer of complex events from big picture to detailed perspective, and James brings these talents to life as an author. After watching his undertaking of several short stories and Over Here, I wait in anticipation for his second novel, So Beware." Colleen Nugent of HN Books, LLC

Action moves from New York Harbor and across to Manhattan to the power centers of Washington and Berlin. Cops from New York City's elite Bomb Squad chase German saboteurs achieve their greatest success when they blow up Black Tom Island, a major munitions depot behind the Statue of Liberty. The action culminates when they attack Wall Street in a desperate attempt to terrorize and destroy America's financial center.
Over Here draws parallels to 9/11 and other events in the contemporary war on terror, while describing crucial but little-known aspects of U.S. involvement in World War I.

James Hockenberry grew up in Bronxville, NY. His deeply ingrained German-American heritage, his grandfather was a prosperous NYC businessman in 1915, has coalesced with his meticulous research and his own career as a brass tacks financial executive to create Over Here, a powerful, fast-paced novel of a highly influential episode in American history.

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