Raising Children On Purpose

Helping Your Children Find Their God Given Calling

Wesley Fleming

Whitaker House (publisher)

Parent by Accident or Parent on Purpose? Your child has a God-given purpose that is too important to be left to chance. As parents, we have a sacred opportunity to help our children find their way-the way they were created to go. When a child has insight into God's special plan for his life, he will be more passionate about following Jesus, better able to focus his energies on what is most important, and equipped to make wiser decisions. Raising Children on Purpose will help you...Assess your child's natural talents and gifts. Recognize and encourage your child's interests. Determine the point at which gifting and interest overlap. Discipline your child in positive ways that inspire confidence. Promote emotional health and good decision making in your child. Prepare your child for career choices. Wes Fleming's Raising Children on Purpose offers practical advice with a generous sprinkling of humor. Your children can fulfill their God-given potential!

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