Unlocking the Prophecy Code

Biblical Mysteries Revealed

Bryan Cutshall

Whitaker House (publisher)

Your Key to Understanding the Bible! Why are certain parts of the Bible so difficult to understand? Why didn't God make it easier to grasp by removing the ambiguities? Pastor and Bible teacher Bryan Cutshall provides the tools you need to unlock the mysteries hidden within many of the parables and stories of Scripture. Once you learn how to decode God's Word, you will discover lines of connection that exist between one passage and another. This is the beginning of supernatural revelation. Unlocking these mysteries will lead you on a journey that will fortify your belief, strengthen your faith, and make you a more effective witness to God's gift of truth and love. "It is now time to understand and unlock the great prophetic mysteries for our generation. This book is part of a prophetic trail that leads to hidden treasure!" Perry Stone, Author, Founder, The Voice of Evangelism.

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