Drewry's Bluff

Loree Lough
Lough, Loree

Whitaker House (publisher)

When Drewry Sheffield’s uncle promises her hand in marriage as payment of a gambling debt, God seems strangely silent. Orphaned, and with no kin to help her, Drewry feels she must take matters into her own hands—and quickly! Through an unexpected turn of events, she arrives in Richmond, Virginia, ready to assume a new identity as nanny to the two young children of wealthy plantation owner Chase Auburn. Chase, a Christian who prizes honesty above all other virtues, is delighted with Drewry, yet he seems sadly preoccupied. The Lord has taken his beloved wife, and he is determined never to love again. Caught up in the chaos of the post-Civil War South and the turmoil of her own heart, Drewry must find a way to gamble on the truth…before Chase decides to call her bluff.  

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