Believers Authority (Spirit-Led Bible Study)

Taking Dominion Over Sin, Sickness, Poverty, and Death

Happy Caldwell

Whitaker House (publisher)

Jesus Gave You the Keys to His Kingdom! From the beginning of creation to the ministry of Jesus and throughout the church age, there is no message more revolutionary, life-changing, or misunderstood than that of the believer's authority on the earth. In Believer's Authority (Spirit-Led Bible Study), you will learn how to develop and better understand your own kingdom authority. With each lesson, Pastor Happy Caldwell reveals how every believer can...Release God's healing power. Set captives free from Satan's snares. Overcome the spirits of fear, depression, and poverty. Perform miracles in Jesus' mighty name. The spiritual battle is real, but through these powerful, time-tested, scriptural principles, you can be a victor instead of a victim!

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