The Master Is Calling

Discovering the Wonders of Spirit-Led Prayer

Hammond, Mac
Hammond, Lynne
Lynne Hammond

Whitaker House (publisher)

In The Master Is Calling, author Lynn Hammond offers a powerful biblical perspective on prayer that takes you to the heart of meaningful, effective, and joyful communion with God. She presents a victorious approach to worship, intercession, petition, and spiritual warfare that will revitalize your Christian life. In this revealing book, you will discover the secrets to...Developing a deeper prayer lifeRelying on the Holy Spirit’s guidanceDispelling your anxieties about prayerDiscerning your most crucial prayer needsCompiling prayer victories rather than prayer listsInterceding effectively for family and friendsEnriching your life through prayerMinistering the gifts of the SpiritReaching the heart of GodYou can have the desires of your heart and play an outstanding role in fulfilling God’s will on the earth. As you understand these biblical principles, you will experience the joy of true fellowship with the Lord and be tremendously effective in prayer through His grace and power!  

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