Selections from the Writings of Fénelon

Francois Fénelon

Whitaker House (publisher)

"The one who loves much, prays much. The one whose heart is closely united to God has no sweeter consolation than in communion with Him. He finds a positive happiness in being able to love Him, to speak to Him, to meditate upon His attributes, to adore His majesty, to admire His power, to dwell on His goodness, and to yield himself up to His providence." (François Fenelon) François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon was a French archbishop, theologian, and writer whose excursions into the contemplative life, especially quietism, caused controversy in the church of his day. Today, his writings remain as an encouragement and source of spiritual growth for many Christians. Fénelon's writings poured forth with the spirit of Christian love and the spirit of the Savior of mankind —a love that, Fénelon believed, could conquer self, bind us to our neighbor, and raise us into the presence of almighty God. This collection of Fénelon's work, including doctrinal teachings, letters, meditations, prayers, and devotions, is sure to empower your devotional life and bring you closer to the God you seek.

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