Great Truths of the Bible

52 Lessons on Principles of the Christian Faith

Stringfellow, Alan B.
Alan Stringfellow

Whitaker House (publisher)

Have you ever felt that God has something special planned for your life? Do you feel as though you have failed to receive His greater blessings? It may be that you haven’t fully matured as a Christian.Great Truths of the Bible provides you with a greater understanding of God’s will, as revealed through His Word, by presenting 48 fundamental spiritual principles of the Christian faith in a 52-lesson format. This study will…Build your confidence in the truth of all ScriptureHelp you to better understand difficult passages of the BibleProvide insights into subjects rarely taught or preachedTake you through the entire Bible, focusing on key principles of ScriptureAs you follow this guide, you will discover exactly how God prepares you for the many choices you’ll face in life. These truths will become a living reality in your Christian walk, and you will become a “doer of the Word and not a hearer only.” (See James 1:22.)

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