Battlefield Earth

The Saga of the year 3000

L. Ron Hubbard

Galaxy Press (publisher)

Shockingly vivid scifi adventure. The action puts the space alien Terl (maniacal, calculating and frustrating) against Johnny who embodies everything we find honorable in the human spirit; innocence, trust, that adventure bound spirit, and most importantly the unbreakable will to survive. The suspense will keep you up at night wondering what happens next.

Against all odds, Johnny gathers the last survivors in a desperate attempt to drive the aliens from our apocalyptic world. Johnny is nothing but another inferior human with absolutely no chance of winning. But, not willing to accept this, he isn't giving up, ever. If you have ever felt you were fighting an uphill battle against impossible odds, you will love this ride! New York Times Sci Fi Best Seller and one of the best selling science fiction books of all time.

"A terrific story." Robert Heinlein

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