God's Best Secrets

Devotions for the Hungry Soul

Murray, Andrew
Andrew Murray

Whitaker House (publisher)

From the Scriptures, Andrew Murray found out that every Christian can expect God to reveal Himself in an intimate, powerful, refreshing way. In these uplifting pages, Murray shares the personal revelation that he gained from spending quiet time alone with God. As you reflect on the thoughts presented here, you will discover many of God’s Best Secrets, including the keys to experiencing…God’s abiding presenceAnswers to prayerSuccess in witnessing to othersJoy in fellowship with the heavenly FatherThe Holy Spirit’s guidance and keeping powerAll that God has promised youPerfect peace in life’s stormsLiving and reigning with Jesus in heavenAbundant life in ChristAll of God’s promises to His children are absolutely guaranteed to be fulfilled. In these pages, you will discover that God has already granted you everything that you will ever need, and He delights in saying “yes” to you!

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