Unsupervised Man

Revealing & Escaping the Pain of Your Secret Life

Stringer, Doug
Mazzapica, Frank
Frank Mazzapica

Whitaker House (publisher)

Would you give up your secret life in exchange for personal wholeness?  The Unsupervised Man is for Christian men who struggle in their roles as husbands, fathers, sons, leaders—even clergy—due to lack of accountability. Frank Mazzapica presents penetrating insights into the pitfalls and destructive behaviors that men practice in order to cling to secret lives that exclude the ones they say they love the most. Pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, extramarital affairs, even the failure to ensure a decent education for our children—these are the by-products of The Unsupervised Man. Read this book and realize the benefits of “supervision” and accountability.   “I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a better man or better understand true manhood.”—Randy Clark, Triumph Apostolic Network  

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