Elephants in the Church

Courageously Confronting Today's Tough and Controversial Issues

Bloomer, George
George Bloomer

Whitaker House (publisher)

Where Are the Truth-Tellers? Our world is facing serious problems that pose genuine threats to our safety, our economy, our health, and our very survival. Sadly, partisanship and allegiances to special interests are preventing our nation from taking the needed action on such matters. And where is the church at this perilous time in history? Instead of proclaiming God’s wisdom on the issues of our day, many of us are either too blinded by political affiliations or too afraid to let our voices be heard. While resisting the predictable labels of Democrat and Republican, Bishop George Bloomer holds both sides accountable by boldly examining some of the most polarizing yet important issues of our time:AbortionPoverty and income inequalityGay marriageRacial relationsWar and the military-industrial complexGun controlChristians will never succeed in impacting the culture if they remain emasculated by political correctness and afraid to speak the truth. Change is possible only when brave and audacious men and women are willing to confront evil and injustice through their words and their actions.  

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