Inhabiting Eternity on Earth

Dewitt, Roger
Hope, David
David Hope

Whitaker House (publisher)

Have you ever wondered how God is able to entertain billions of prayer requests at one time and still give full attention to each person? God has dominion over time and space because He created them. If you are born again, you, too, can—by faith—have dominion over time and space, through the Holy Spirit. If you are in Christ, you are here on earth and are simultaneously seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Join author David Hope on a journey of divine discovery as you walk in the miraculous power of God. “This book reveals the truth that when we place ourselves in Christ, by faith, we also place ourselves in the One who not only travels through time but who also is the Creator and Master of time itself.”—Tom Battle, Senior Pastor, Lord’s Glory Church, Humble, Texas “Inhabiting Eternity on Earth will stir your faith to greater heights and possibilities.”—Gerald Davis, Overflowing Cup Ministries, Conroe, Texas  

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