Groomed for Glory

Wet Steyn, De
De Wet Steyn

Whitaker House (publisher)

There are many things that can be written and said concerning the nature of God, but among the most mysterious aspects of His being is His glory—His manifested presence. When you have a revelation and an understanding of the manifested presence of God—His glory—you will grasp all the other aspects of God so much better. We will never be able to completely understand or explain the full meaning of the glory of God. It is beyond description and too marvelous for mere words. In fact, the glory of God is not something to be understood or explained but rather something to be displayed. We need to be changed by the glory of God, and then we need to reflect it to the world. God is more excited to let His glory fill the earth than we are to spend time in His presence—the realm of His glory. Allow Pastor De Wet Steyn to give you the keys so you can open the door to a personal encounter with the glory of God, so that it might be brought forth and released on earth.  

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