Your Unique Purpose

How You Can Make an Impact on the World

Bill Greenman

Whitaker House (publisher)

Discovering your calling in life does not have to be complicated. For more than thirty-five years, Dr. Bill Greenman has been helping people around the world discover their true purpose and live their dreams. He explains specific, time-tested "Master Principles" that will enable you to:

•Know how to hear and to confirm the voice of God.
•Understand the role that personality, gifts, skills, and experience play in your purpose.
•Develop planning techniques.
•Itemize what you still need to learn and where to gain that knowledge.
•Find significant mentors, and then become a mentor yourself.

There are no shortcuts to success. But when you discover these Master Principles, learn them, and apply them, your life will begin to change for the better. You will be able to unlock the doors that have shut you out of what you desire to be and to do. Your Unique Purpose provides you with solid keys for achieving success in all areas of your life, including financial increase, business success, relationships, ministry, health and fitness, and personal growth. Find your purpose, plan your future, and live your destiny.

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